About the Fuentes

Thank you for visiting our blog. It is a blessing for us to be able to have this site to enrich our friendship even more and to share the incredible journey of serving the Lord together.

Now, allow us to share a brief summary of who we are as the Fuentes Fuentes family. We are from Costa Rica. Alcides and I met when my family moved from the capital of our country to another state located in a rural area. In the church of that new place, I accepted the Lord as my Savior and received a calling to serve him fulltime.

After Alcides and I met, Alcides also accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior, and we got married in May of 1990. That same year in October, we attended the Missions Conferences of our church in Turrialba where the main speaker of the conferences was the brother Haziel Jones, a missionary for 40 years to the Cabecar indigenous group in our country. The last day of conference, Mr. Haziel made the call to serve God in transcultural missions, using the passage from Isaiah 8:1. That night was when God called Alcides, in a very overwhelming and inescapable way, to answer: “here am I, send me.” From that day on, we decided to give our lives to the service of the Lord in transcultural missions.

Saying yes to our calling confronted us with the reality of having to renounce everything, the project we had planned for our life, our plans for the future, and the project of ornamental plants that my husband had founded along with his family, and that, at that moment, was going through some financial difficulties due to the war in the Persian Gulf. However, God encouraged us through our pastor at that time, Pr. Carlos Cordero, and we decided to leave everything in God’s hands. God was faithful and after our painful exit from the family business, he operated a financial miracle in the project that still exists to this day, 21 years later.

In 1994, we left for the ESEPA Seminary with our oldest daughter, who was then one year and six months old, to start our phase of theological preparation. We left for the seminary with only two hands each, in one we had faith and certainty that we were doing God’s will and in the other we had a lot of fear because we were leaving to study with nothing to support us economically.

There is where this adventure of faith that continues to this day began. The Lord was faithful and he held us in his hand. It was not easy, but we were not alone. While we were in Seminary, our second daughter Priscilla was born in 1996. We were in Seminary studying for six years.

During this time of studying, we participated in the opening of the Central American Church in Guarari, a little neighborhood in the outskirts of the capital city of Heredia that has a lot of immigrants, in another state of Costa Rica, for two years. Then, we were part of the pastoral team in the Baptist Church El Bosque for another two years.

Even though we always knew that God had called us to work among the peoples that have zero Christian witness, God sent us to for eight years to work in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, we opened the Base for Christ for the City International, the agency that we worked with for nine years. In Nicaragua, we learned everything that cannot be learned in Seminary, and we also met and started a relationship with various wonderful churches and people, both in Nicaragua as well as with brothers in the United States, who supported us and helped us develop the Ministry in Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, God asked us to focus in the training of pastors. We received Medical teams, short-term teams, and theological training teams that were fundamental for the development of the task we were given for Nicaragua.


The Fuentes Family


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