May Newsletter

Dear Friends,
It is a joy to communicate with you. We appreciate your prayers and support during this transition and Furlough time. We have already been living in Costa Rica for ten months.

We want to divide this letter in 3 sections so that you can decide the order in which you want to read it:

  1. A quick review of where we were in our last letter.
  2. The most important things about our time in Costa Rica
  3. Where we are headed (The next stage in our ministry)

1-A quick review of where we were in our last letter
When we wrote our last letter, had finished our commitment with Christ for the City in Nicaragua. After 8 years of working there, we received from God the peace of returning to Costa Rica to have our year of Furlough with the purpose of first, leaving that stage of ministry, second, spending time with our family and church, and third, praying and seeking God’s direction for our next service to Him. We were praying for our next ministry to be focused on unreached people that have not heard the Gospel, which is our original call. We also needed to find a new missionary agency focused on these people.

2-What has happened since we arrived in Costa Rica:
After all the process of moving borders, settling, looking for a house, furnishing it, etc. It took us time to leave “our memory of Nicaragua.” We found out that the cost of living in Costa Rica is almost double the cost of that of Nicaragua.

It was very exciting to receive Paola back home after her first year in College. She had an excellent freshmen year, she adapted very well to all the changes, and she loved very much seeing snow for the first time. She will be with us this summer helping us with many things and looking for a summer job here.

Priscilla has had to make many adjustments changing schools and leaving her friends in Nicaragua and her life there. She has adapted well, maintaining good grades, although it has been difficult for her to get new friends, since it is a very small school, and in her class there is only one other girl. A few months ago, she found a Bible study group with twelve other girls and this has helped her. However, even though it has been a difficult year, she has faced it with a positive attitude.

We took the opportunity to take some classes in cross-cultural missions. For example, Project Conducting and Management, Reaching the Muslims, How to Plant Churches among the Unreached, as well as some classes to improve our English. We have also been doing medical check-ups and examinations.

On the other hand, we have also taken the time to contact other missionary agencies. In the end, God led us to find again and recontact the missionary movement Frontiers and its director Dr. Andrew Duncan. We knew him many years ago when he and his family were the directors of Primicias (First fruits) in Kurdistan where they planted the first church among the Kurds.

3 – Where are we headed:
As I mentioned, Frontiers is a missionary movement that has its International Office in England. It is a mission agency focused exclusively on the reaching of the Muslims who are found in places where there is zero Christian witness.

Dr. Andrew Duncan is now the associate director for Latin American missionaries who are sent to these Muslim peoples. The International office for Latin America is located in Mexico. After several conversations with Dr. Duncan and a process of prayer, consultation, and analysis, Frontiers invited us to be part of Dr. Duncan’s team in Mexico. The task of sending trained Latin American missionaries to the Muslims world is very large one, and the team led by Dr. Duncan was praying for people who have an appropriate profile to assist them in this task and who at the same time had a burden and passion for these peoples. We were praying together and got confirmation from God to serve in the Mexico Office sending missionaries from Central and South America to the Muslim world. In this way, we have made ​​an initial commitment to serve for 4 years as part of the team in Mexico and after this period, we will see what is next in God’s plan.

Our main responsibilities as part of the staff of the office in Mexico primarily will be:

1. Directly contribute, like a gear, to create unity from the International Office for the reaching of the Muslim peoples who still have not been reached by a Christian testimony.

2. Collaborate in reaching the Strategic Plan of Frontiers helping in the possible administrative functions. Sileny will be in charge of the administration of the International Office to achieve the Strategic Plan of reaching 40 Muslim peoples that have not heard the Gospel.

3. Represent Frontiers in being a link between the actual and the potential partners in Latin America and the opportunities of the mobilization of teams to the field.

4. Contribute with its director, Andrew Duncan, in giving follow-up and training to the key leaders (base directors, field supervisors, field leaders, and candidates)

5. Direct exploration teams to the field with the end goal of recommending the mobilization of bridge teams or field teams. Alcides will also be the director of the mobilization of these exploratory teams. This implies that we have to move to Mexico to a town called Reynosa in state of Tamaulipas. This city is located near the U.S. border and like thirty minutes away from the city of McAllen in Texas.

Recently, a friend, who is also a counselor told us, “In Nicaragua you learned how to manage a single office focused on a single country, now you will learn how to manage that same thing, but on an international level.“ Brothers, this is a time when we greatly need your prayers and support for the great challenge this means for us. We aim to move to Reynosa the first week of August this year.

Please we need your prayers and support on the following areas:
• The finances and budget of moving and getting established in Mexico (tickets, house rent, the house, furniture, etc.). Right now, we have 20% of our budget. (This is $3,000 of the $16,000 total)
• The family’s monthly budget we need to complete to cover the costs of living there.
• Priscilla’s future school, good friends for her, and that she will be able to adapt to the country.
• For our emotions of having to leave our country again and for our family while we resolve everything that is involved in getting ready so we can leave Costa Rica and move to Mexico.
• For our safety in Reynosa since, as with any border town in Mexico, it is dangerous.

In regards to the issue of economic support, Frontiers uses an organization that was created and is managed by a brother that was part of the Frontiers team in Central Asia. This organization is the one that will receive the funds and is the one that you can use to keep supporting us. It will no longer be through Christ for the City. If you are already supporting us and wish to continue, you need to start using this new ornanization now since everything is already all set up. Or if after praying you decide to support us in any way you can also use this organization. In either case, the information that you need is the Support category.

To finish we want to quote the words of Neal Pirolo, a renowned member of Comiban International and the author of the book Serving when We Send:

“The work of those who go and those who serve by sending them is a team effort.”

This is our same conviction and we are profoundly grateful and profoundly committed to putting everything that is in our hands so that your efforts in supporting us through prayers and through economic support will not be in vain, while at the same time we pray that God would multiply every little grain so that it gives fruit one hundred to one. God is faithful and we pray that he may repay you back in ways that only He can do.

We love you very much and we are at your orders.

Alcides and Sileny Fuentes



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